Gator - Twitch 6.5 cm

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Gator Jerk is as easily fished as they come, with it's slow sinking ability this jerkbait can to be used in any situation. This Jerk can be fished shallow and it sinks slowly, slightly rocking when you pause it.

Gator Twitch is a cruel bait from Gator to our striped warriors.
A bait that will work incredibly well during the periods where hard baits are the right way to go when fishing for perch.

Gator Twitch moves frantically when you twitch or jerk it home, at the crank stop it hovers slowly and this is often where the strike comes. The bait moves like a damaged and frightened fish, this very movement pattern will trigger most predators to bite!

  • Length: 6,5CM
  • Weight: 9,8g
  • Depth: 0,5-1m