Strike Pro - Bold 12cm

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Strike Bold, the twitch lure from Strike Pro, is a most versatile lure!

Due to the suspending action and position of the bill it is possible to present the Strike Bold down to 2-3 meters. Giving it some slack in the twitch, it will push wider in the side-to-side action it possesses. Bold has an internal weight system that helps it cast further, due to the weight it is a projectile in your hands.

Try to fish this lure with a slow movement of your rod away from the lure. Stop. Retrieve as you move the tip towards the lure. This move gives the Strike Bold a vibration dive downwards and slowly rises as you retrieve the slack line. This lure is a classed as a traditional American jerk bait. Give your perch fishing some easy tricks, try the Strike Bold.

  • Length: 12 cm
  • Weigth: 15.4 gram
  • VMC treble hooks

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