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The Predatortour (European Open) is a European roofviswedstrijd en een initiatief van Pike Master Lures & PML Travel.

The Predatortour is a Catch, Photo and Release Tournament only.

This European predator fish tournament is similar like the tournaments held in the USA. The Predatortour will be held in various European countries. Each year we fish in a different country. In 2012 we fish in Sweden. 2013 will follow soon.

Besides winning attractive prizes each match, there will be points awarded for ranking the "European overall winner". You can join all tournament games but you can also participate in one single match. Each match you can win all kind of attractive prices such as a luxury fishing boat, free fishing holidays to Canada, Sweden, Ireland & Norway.




PML-travel organises predator fishing trips in The Netherlands, Norway, Swede, Finland, Denmark, Ireland, Canada etc. The locations are verry wel selected en personally tested. Each location is a garanty for an exiting fichingtrip.

metersnoeken_125.png is a website that's already there for a few years and has a big group of fans.
It shares a lot of information abour pike and zander fishing, mostly in Dutch.

Shure you can find us at

Sportfishing Dalsland

We invite you to experience the best sportfishing you can imagine, on our stunning and crystal clear lakes, in a beautiful environment.

A fishing adventure you will never forget !


Edsleskogs Wärdshus
The“Wärdshus” is a small Hotel and can be seen as a Guesthouse for everybody who wants to enjoy the nature and culture of Edsleskogs area in the province of Dalsland West Sweden. Stay with them for some days and nights and they’ll tell you about the most beuatifull hikingtrails and lakes in the direct area and rest of Northern Dalsland.

pml_125.png Pike Master Lures
Pike Master Lures a Duth distributor for predator fishing tackle.
svn_150.png Sportvisserij Nederland

Dutch organization for sport fishing and regulation.
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