Lures - Deep

Lures - Deep
Deep running lures from Strike Pro

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The Cranky X Deep is the big brother to the Cranky X.
A fat body with a loud rattle that dives down to 3m. 
The Cranky X Deep 6cm is perfect to push down to 3m and let it slowly rise and repeat! 

10.95 *

The Strike Pro Flap Jack lure has an incredible vibration action and its sound draws fish in from great distances. It is a great lure for Pike, Zander, Perch, Large mouth, Small mouth, and Walleye. 

9.95 *

This lipless crankbait really knows how to shake its booty. The fish will hear Flap Jack coming from a long distance, thanks to high frequent vibrations and rattlebeads. 

The perfect bait for covering water.

9.95 *

The shallow Cranky X running version runs on a 0,5-1,5m depth. With it’s High frequent wobble and internal balancing system this lure is a solid perch finder!

9.95 *

Getting deeper with Astro Vibe!

The Astro Vibe has counted 100s of big perch and the success is ongoing.

9.95 *

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