Biwaa Fishing Performance is a French brand which was created by the Alexandre brothers, first class competitors.

Biwaa lures are innovative concepts which have been developed to answer back to situations that occurred when fishing. They will bring you technical solutions with unrivaled results.

Our vocation is to propose lures that will make the difference and will allow you to beat records. When fishing gets harder and fish do not respond to your promptings, then it is the ideal moment to start fishing with Biwaa and discover the enormous possibilities of our lures. You will understand at that very moment that tracking down carnivores is our passion and that in every creation of ours, there is a little of our souls. For us, innovating tends to a one and only goal: looking for PERFORMANCE!

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Biwaa Swim Pike 62gr - Shallow

New from BIWAA, they say that the Swimpike is the first multi-section pike lure using a special textile as its core to give it a lifelike ā€˜Sā€™ swimming action

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