Gator Sweden

Gator Sweden

Alexander Lexén a dedicated professional fishermen who started Leech Eyewear and began the journey with Gator 2015. The goal is to be at the cutting edge of developing really solid products with the best features for your fishing. Each product is unique designed with the help of some of the best fishermen in Scandinavia. We want you to perform more.

  • Be a part of a new era
  • Limited lifetime guarantee on all our rods
  • A gator team that will always be there for you if you have questions
  • Become a gator owner and go out and catch the fish of your dreams

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Gator Stinger Elite Small 2/0

6.95 *
In stock: 10
can be shipped within 2 tot 3 days

Gator Stinger Elite XL 4/0 & 4/0 (Swivels)

12.50 *
In stock: 5
can be shipped within 2 tot 3 days

Gator - Jerk 15cm

17.95 *

Prices including VAT , additional  shippingcost may apply