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A super realistic Duckling, top water imitation lure loaded with innovative features!

The 3D Scanned details will fool even the most vary predator fish and ensure you brutal attacks.

Normal price: 17.95 €
9.95 *

Strike Walker is a topwater lure with an exceptional capacity for wild side-to-side action. Great for perch and pike. Hang on!

9.95 *

Pike Pop is a great surface lure. Deadly for intense action fishing! Irresistible for pike and perch.

9.95 *

Buster Jerk Shallow Runner is a floating jerkbait with great belly roll and an amazing action.

16.95 *

The Nokkela BigTail is a "hybrid", hard ABS plastic head and a silicone tail.
Nokkela BigTail has a catchy move and a hook behind its fat body hiding from weeds.

Normal price: 19.95 €
12.95 *

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