Welcome to the 'About the BFT Shop' page!

The BFT Shop is the ultimate online store for passionate predator anglers. BFT Shop specializes in offering high-quality fishing equipment and accessories specifically designed for the challenging and exciting world of predator fishing. Whether you're looking for lures, rods, reels, or other essential supplies, at the BFT Shop, you'll find everything you need to make your predator fishing adventures a success.

After more than 10 successful years under the management of Hans Vergouwen, in 2023, Lex Peters took the helm as the new owner of the BFT Shop. Lex himself is a passionate predator angler who fishes for the pro-teams of Pike Master Lures, Catch With Care, and Mercury, and has a deep knowledge of the sport. With his experience and dedication, Lex is determined to further develop the BFT Shop as the go-to destination for anglers of all levels.

The BFT Shop mission

Lex understands the passion and excitement that come with predator fishing. He has personally selected each product in the store, ensuring that you can rely on their quality and performance. From high-quality lures that entice predators to the latest technologies in rods and reels, every item has been carefully chosen to meet the demands of the modern predator angler.

Behind the scenes, the BFT Shop team consists of experienced predator anglers who are ready to provide expert advice and guidance. Lex understands that choosing the right equipment is crucial for successful predator catches. That's why the BFT Shop provides detailed product information and friendly customer service to ensure that you can make the best choices.

Our mission is to provide you, as a predator angler, with high-quality products, excellent service, and a seamless shopping experience. Whether you're a beginner just starting out in predator fishing or an experienced angler looking to sharpen your skills, BFT is here to support you and help you achieve your goals.

Lex invites you to explore the extensive selection of predator fishing gear and discover what the BFT Shop has to offer. Whether you're targeting pike, perch, or zander, BFT has the right equipment to help you succeed. Thank you for visiting the webshop, and we look forward to welcoming you as a satisfied customer soon!

Tight lines,

Lex Peters and the BFT Shop team