Hooks and Jigs

Hooks and Jigs
Our selection of hooks and jigs. You can find the right hook for any predator.

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Click on swimming heads, for offset hooks and double hook rigging of soft lures. Gives great swimming action and quick weight change.

5.50 *

Dropshot sinkers

5 pcs

1.95 *

A fantastic fine wire hook. Don’t be put off by the fine wire, these hooks are seriously strong. Ideal for all kinds of sea fishing and used by some of the best competition anglers in the world.

2.95 *

The StandOut hook makes rigging a drop shot rig easier to tie correctly and faster for novice or professional anglers.

Normal price: 3.95 €
2.25 *

Leaded head for your GUNKI soft baits. This is your first choice for natural and discrete presentations fished cast and retrieve. We have improved the design of this head to make it more stable and get the balance absolutely right.

4.50 *

This modulair system makes changing your jighead simple.
Just screw the shallow screw into your softbait and connect it to the F'Flip head.

2.50 *

Svartzonker Screw in dots - Add weight to your softbaits!

4.95 *

Svartzonker Jigheads for the McRubber softbaits

5.50 *

The Dragon V-Point Classic Jigheads are fitted with a Mustad hook, super strong and razor sharp. The hook has a wide gap for better hooking.

3.25 *

Flexhead jigheads from Dragon!

Give your softbaits and shad even more room for movement in the water!

2.15 *

Cork Screw Heads, designed for use with our Real Eels and Herring shads – but can also be used with all other softbaits.

4.25 *

Twin spiked double hook, perfect for stingers on shads, sandeels etc.

7.95 *

This is the right hook for the 5" Kikker from Tournament Baits

4.95 *

In stock: 4
can be shipped within 2 tot 3 days

With this 11/0 worm hook in combination with the stainless steel screw lock, there can be fished very light with the Tournament Bait Kikker.

6.95 *

In stock: 4
can be shipped within 2 tot 3 days

The BFT Triple S is a revolutionary jighead that will seriously step up your game!
Triple S stands for “Shakey, Stand-up, Swimbait”, and as the name implies, this jighead is the perfect mix of a shakey-head, a stand-up jighead and a swimbait offset hook!

6.95 *

Svartzonker Jigheads with a longer hook shaft for the McRubber softbaits

4.75 *

When targeting predators with baits and a little more finesse is required, the lightweight Powerpoint trebles are the hooks for the job. 

7.95 *

A razor sharp weedless hook from Owner.
Makes it possible to catch those fish who hide in the weed. Unweighted.

14.95 *

Gator Stinger Big for 22 - 30cm softbaits like the Gatro Gum Bait 22cm of 27cm

11.95 *

In stock: 3
can be shipped within 2 tot 3 days

Gator Stinger XL for 25 - 30cm softbaits like the Gator Gum Bait 27cm

12.50 *

In stock: 3
can be shipped within 2 tot 3 days


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