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Lures - Shallow
Shallow running lures from Strike Pro

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Strike Supersonic is a unique crankbait with a jointed head.
9.95 *

Buster II Crankbait is a suspending, shallow running lure that has an irregular, dancing action.

Normal price: 19.95 €
14.95 *

The Jonny Vobbler from Strike Pro is made of a durable plastic with Nano coating, based on the legendary original, a handmade lure, made by Jonny Thofeldt. For some years, the rubberlures have dominated the market, but we should not forget that before the rubber era started, wobbles and hardbaits were the basics of most beet fishermen's bait boxes - and of course, these types of baits delivered great fish we could enjoy.

19.99 *

A deadly superbait for pike and zanderfishing. Exceptional quality!
The Giant series has a lovely rolling and wriggling action in the water.


14.95 *

Bandit Crankbait is a shallow-running bait that has an aggressive flashing action. It also has a slight, irregular movement that makes it swim through the water like an injured bait fish.

Normal price: 24.95 €
19.95 *

Wolf Tail is a new amazing tail lure from Strike Pro. Developed by the famouse lurebuilder Anders "WolfCreek" Ulvforssen.

Normal price: 24.95 €
17.95 *

The roach is probably one of the most available prey fish for pike that there is.
Savage Gear now comes with a new 3D softbait in a verry realistic version, a Roach!

21.50 *

New from Salmo!

A tough polycarbonate square lip ensures this lure can be worked amongst snags, vastly reducing chances of lure getting hooked up.

The Sqarebill body has the same buoyancy as balsawood, but is much more durable due to being constructed from Salmo’s high density space age foam.

Perfectly balanced internal weighting ensures long range, accurate casting

Normal price: 8.50 €
6.95 *

One of the oldest lures in Salmo’s range, it really is an absolute classic of its kind. Excellent aerodynamics, strong action and proven colours.

Normal price: 11.95 €
9.95 *

The Nokkela BigTail is a "hybrid", hard ABS plastic head and a silicone tail.
Nokkela BigTail has a catchy move and a hook behind its fat body hiding from weeds.

Normal price: 19.95 €
12.95 *

Replace your damaged tail of the Dogora Wake, or just change you color combiantion.

3.95 *

McMio Tail Junior attracts predators with its smooth rolling action.

It has become a tournament fishermen's favourite. This is because it's easy to fish, long casting and catches lot of fish. 

Normal price: 11.95 €
8.95 *

Svartzonker McCelly is a floating wobbler with a high profile and flat sides. This creates a hard, undulating and twisty movement.

Normal price: 14.95 €
9.95 *

The Svartzonker Biggitailv2 is a big pike and musky lure, it forcefully moves the water and is still easy to reel in.

Normal price: 34.95 €
24.95 *

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