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Lures - Shallow
Shallow running lures from Strike Pro

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The Jonny Vobbler from Strike Pro is made of a durable plastic with Nano coating, based on the legendary original, a handmade lure, made by Jonny Thofeldt. For some years, the rubberlures have dominated the market, but we should not forget that before the rubber era started, wobbles and hardbaits were the basics of most beet fishermen's bait boxes - and of course, these types of baits delivered great fish we could enjoy.

19.99 *

One of the oldest lures in Salmo’s range, it really is an absolute classic of its kind. Excellent aerodynamics, strong action and proven colours.

Normal price: 11.95 €
9.95 *

Svartzonker McCelly is a floating wobbler with a high profile and flat sides. This creates a hard, undulating and twisty movement.

Normal price: 14.95 €
9.95 *

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