Svartzonker Squarepusher 14cm

(Color: C09)

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Squarepusher is a slider/swimbait that was created in 2007 to be an “easy to fish” lure that covers a lot of water.

When jerked it has a hard side to side action. Fish it with increased speed and the bait will have a more intense side to side action.
The Squarepusher will swim in S curves when straight retrieved.
The bait will flash attractive if you rip it and sinks with a fantastic belly roll on the drop.
Built super strong and handles any fish, fresh or saltwater!

  • 14 cm / 5,5 inch
  • 103 gram / 3,6 oz
  • Swims on 0,5 m-3 m / 1,5 feet-9,8 feet
  • Made from 1piece solid foaming ABS
  • 2 mm / .078-inch stainless steel wire through
  • Built for both fresh and saltwater fishing
  • Non-Lead - Weighted with zinc
  • Armed with sharp 3/0 VMC hooks
  • Heavy-duty stainless-steel split rings
  • Hand painted
  • Designed in Sweden




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Color C09

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Color: C09
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